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Bingo Board

May 2023 Readathin Bingo Board. Pink flowers with green leaves in the top right corner and the bottom left corner. All over a pink background. All the prompts are listed on the reading prompts and activity prompt pages on the website.

Photo Challenge

Readathin Photo Challenge listing all of the prompts by each day for the month.

Tracking Templates

Readathin May 2023 Reading Log. Calendar with space on each say to put a number for pages read that day. Below that, a box where you can put the book titles and the total number of pages read.
Readathin May 2023 Hopefuls with challenges listed under each spot.
Blank Readathin May 2023 Hopefuls graphic.
Readathin May 2023 Wrap Up graphic with challenges
Blank Readathin May 2023 Wrap Up graphic.

Reading Challenges

Goes for another reading challenge

Read a book that goes for another reading challenge, whether that be another readathon you're doing or a yearly reading challenge

thin book

Read a thin book. This can be however you interpret "thin" but if you're wanting an exact page number, go for a book under 300 pages

newest addition to your TBR

Read the most recent book you've added to your TBR. We recommend you choose a book you got before the month of May, though

favorite genre

Read a book that is your favorite genre

starts with the letter R

Read a book that's title starts with the letter R. Do not count the words 'the, a, etc"

TBR Repeater

Read a book you've put on many TBRs, but never got to

Randomly choose from your oldest 5

Find your 5 oldest books on your shelves and randomly choose one (random number generate or randomly select)

diverse book

Read a diverse book

Meant to read last month

Read a book that you had hoped to read last month but never got to

purple on the cover

Read a book that has purple on the cover

give an author another try

Read a book by an author you've read from before. The point of this challenge is to read an author you didn't like before to see if you may like it or to read from an author you've only read one book or series from to see if you still like them

book from your TBR

Read a book from your TBR. This one is pretty much a freebie since all the book you're reading for Readathin should be from your TBR

Activity Challenges

get some fresh air

Whether you go for a walk, just sit outside for a bit, or open a window in your home. Just get some fresh air

listen to a podcast or music

As the challenge name says, listen to a podcast or some music

do a hobby

Whether an old one or a new one, do a hobby. This can be anything you would count as a hobby.

watch something from your childhood

Watch a movie, tv show, music video, anything that you used to watch as a child

do something you enjoy

This can be anything from playing a game you like to watching a show you enjoy to going on a hike. Just something that you enjoy doing

participate in reading sprints

Whether you join into ones hosted by the Readathin creators or by someone else, as long as you join into some then you did it

date night

Whether with your partner, a friend, or just on your own. Going out, staying in and having a nice dinner and movie. Whatever you'd count as a date, do it!

weekly journaling

At least once a week, sit down with your notebook, computer, or even phone and just write for a little bit. You can talk about your day or week or write a story. Whatever you classify as journaling

declutter something

This doesn't have to be anything huge. You don't have to sit down and declutter your closet unless that's what you feel like doing. It could be decluttering photos on your phone or decluttering your fridge

do another challenge

This one is a bit unique. You could do any other type of monthly challenge. Whether it's doing another readathon, doing a monthly workout challenge, challenging yourself to wake up at the same time every day, doing the Readathin photo challenge. Any other challenge

self care day

We do this one every round and we love it! Spend a day just taking care of yourself. Whether that's reading all day or doing nothing but scrolling Tiktok. Go all out and combine with the "take a relaxing bath or shower" challenge and do just that!

Relaxing bath or shower

Get yourself a bath bomb, face mask, and just relax. You don't necessarily need to have a bubble bath and candles. If you only want to stand in the shower and relax that way, then do it

Photo Challenges

Graphic listing all of the reading prompts for the Readathin photo challenge

Other Readathons

Other 31 Days Challenges

Graphic found on Funmammasa website of 31 journal prompts about self love
Graphic found on NomadSoulzz of a 4 week challenge
Graphic from TheConfusedMillennial of 31 days of "adulting"

All of these challenges are just examples of what you could do for the "do another challenge" prompt. For each one, the website with more information in linked to the picture so just click on it to go to it.

You could choose your own, of course. You don't have to do a daily one or even a weekly one. You could set an overall challenge like a "31 in 31" where your goal is to read 31 books in the month.

Try to challenge yourself or step out of your comfort zone a little bit, but don't over strain yourself. Self care in more important than "completing" a challenge.

Photo Challenge

I know this is called a photo challenge, but feel free to make Reels/TikToks or videos following the prompts. You can post on any social media you have or just share in the Discord! Anything you share related to this challenge, make sure you're using the hashtag #Readathin

Graphic listing all of the reading prompts for the Readathin photo challenge

Lupus Awareness

According to, "lupus is a chronic (long-term) disease that can cause inflammation and pain in any part of your body. It’s an autoimmune disease, which means that your immune system — the body system that usually fights infections — attacks healthy tissue instead."

Just because you can't see someone's pain doesn't mean it's not there and doesn't mean it doesn't deserve recognition. Do your own research on Lupus and learn more. Listen to the voices of people who live with this every day. Support where you can.

More info

Lyme Disease Awareness

With the weather getting warmer in a lot of places, more people are likely going to be going outside. Be aware of lyme disease, how it's spread and what the symptoms are. Make sure to watch out for ticks if you're in an area where they could be and don't forget to check your pets.

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