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Reading Challenges


Read a book with a main character that identifies as LGBTQIA+

From a sub box or recently bought

Read a book that you either got in a book subscription box or that you recently bought

New to You author

Read a book from an author you've never read from before

book you meant to read in 2022

Read a book you meant to read in 2022, but didn't get to

favorite genre

Read a book in your favorite genre

Graphic Novel

Read a graphic novel (this includes graphic novels, manga, comics, webcomics, etc)

Title Begins with f

Read a book that starts with the letter "F" (not counting A, The, etc)

random word

Randomly generate a word and find a book that has that in the title

Features a romance

Read a book that has a romance (it doesn't have to be the main focus of the story, but has to be a kind of big part of the story)

2017 release

Read a book that came out in the year of 2017

Under 300 pages

Read a book that has less than 300 pages (in any edition)

mood read

Read a book that you're really in the mood to read

Activity Challenges

Make a snack

Make a snack! Anything from just getting chips and dip to apple slices to a full on charcuterie board. Any sort of snack.

Write a book review

For this one, you could write a full review for your social media, just give us a quick review on Discord, or hand write in your journal a review. Any sort of review to you would count.

Participate in 4 reading sprints

We will be running sprints on Twitter and Discord, but you can participate in any sprints you want. We want you to join into ours, but if you can't make it, feel free to use others.

Read for 30 mins a day

This reading could be an audiobook, a webcomic, even reading the newspaper for 30 mins in the morning. Read SOMETHING for 30 minutes a day.

listen to your fave music

We're sure you do this all the time anyway. So make sure to do it during Readathin!

watch something

You can count anything for this one, as well. YouTube video, TV show, movie, Twitch stream, anything.

set a goal and complete it

Set a goal for yourself to complete during Readathin. If you want to double up for this one, feel free. But set a goal and complete it before the end of the month.

self care day

Spend a day doing whatever you count as self care.

30 min screen break

Spend 30 minutes away from screens. No TV, no computers, no phones. Just you and nothing digital.

start something new

Whether a hobby, starting a new project, or a new habit. Start something new.

organize something

Reorganize your bookshelves, organize your photos into folders on your phone, redo your book cart, reorganize your pantry. Could be anything. Choose something and organize it!

share your TBR

Whether on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Discord, even to your own friends or family, just share your TBR. Make sure if you're sharing it online, you use the hashtag #Readathin

Photo Challenge

I know this is called a photo challenge, but feel free to make Reels/TikToks or videos following the prompts. You can post on any social media you have or just share in the Discord! Anything you share related to this challenge, make sure you're using the hashtag #Readathin

Graphic listing all of the reading prompts for the Readathin photo challenge