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Readathin 2024 Yearly Guide

This guide is meant to help you form your TBR/Hopefuls lists each month. You can choose to read one single book that fits the prompt for the month or you can create your WHOLE TBR around it. You could even choose a week out of the month and read just books that fit that prompt, if you want.


  • January - Kick off the Year Right - Books that go for reading challenges you set

  • February - Love is in the Air - Books that have romance

  • March - Mini March - Small Books

  • April - April Showers - Books with nature on the cover

  • May - Readathin - Books that go toward this month's Readathin

  • June - Just for You - Read your favorites (genres, tropes, color on the cover, authors, etc.)

  • July - Giant July - Big Books

  • August - Will This Series Ever End?! - Books that are part of a series

  • September - Back to School - Books with a school setting

  • October - Scaredy Cat - Books that give Halloween Vibes

  • November - It's Fall, Y'all - Books with Fall Colored Covers

  • December - Free For All - Read anything you want

Reading Challenges

Read a book based on the colors of your last readYou can read a book that's the same color, a complementary color, or even a mix of colors on your cover. Just based on the colors somehow.
Read a short bookWhatever you think is a "short" book counts. If you want a page count, under 250 pages.
Book with a great first sentenceFind a book that has a GREAT first sentence on your shelves and read that
Finish/Catch Up on a SeriesFinish a series or read the book that's been published the most recently
Read a book with "Like" in the titleFind a book that has the word "Like" in the title. For those doing the Buzzword reading challenge, this is this month's prompt, so you can count it!
Read a book with LGBTQIA+ RepRead a book that has a character that says they are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.
Dice Roll: Even-Newest Book; Odd-Oldest BookFind a dice (or just google "dice roll" and one will come up), roll the dice and if it's an even number, read your newest book. If it's odd, read your oldest book. The number of sides on the dice doesn't matter.
Read a book you've thrifted, borrowed, or found in a Little Free LibraryRead those books you got for cheap/free. If you got it secondhand or borrowed it, then it counts!
Pick a book because of its coverChoose a book specifically because of the cover. Is it your favorite cover on your shelves? Least favorite? 👀
Read a poll pickPost a poll on social media or in the Discord with a couple books or emojis or other hints toward what books they could be and choose whichever was chosen based on the poll.
Read a book in your least-read formatDo you read ebooks the least from all the formats you read? Then read that way! Some examples: ebook, audiobook, physical, graphic novel.
A book you haven't heard anyone talk aboutFind a book that you got but haven't heard anyone talk about and read that!

Activity Challenges

Date NightWhether with yourself, your partner, your kids, etc. Just do anything you'd classify as a date, so like dinner and a movie, a picnic, going to the arcade or bowling.
Spend Time OutsideObviously, you don't HAVE to go outside if that's not realistic for you. If you can't, then sit by the window (open if you can) or go out for a drive or something.
Be Creative or Hobby TimeDo something creative. Spend time working on your favorite hobby. Or pick up a new one! Anything from crocheting to diamond painting to drawing to journaling to making a Pinterest dream board.
Cozy Reading NightCozy up with a nice blanket, turn on a fireplace video if it's too hot to turn yours on (if you have one), make a nice beverage, and enjoy some reading time
Self Care DaySpend the day doing whatever you classify as "self care." This could be spending the day pampering yourself or you could spend the day cleaning if that would help you care for yourself.
30 Mins off Social MediaEveryone needs a break from the endless scrolling. Take some time away from social media.
Post Your TBRWhether you post to social media or in the Discord, share your TBR. There are templates that you can fill out in the Templates section of this website.
Declutter SomethingFind something in your house or on your phone or computer and declutter it. Get rid of stuff that doesn't bring you joy or has a use.
Watch SomethingWhether a TV show, movie, or YouTube video, just find something and watch it! Take a break from all the reading you're doing.
Participate in 4 SprintsThey don't have to be sprints hosted by the Readathin hosts, but as long as you're joining into 4 separate sprints, it counts. These can be on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter(X), Threads, Discord, anywhere that would do them.
Treat YourselfTreat yourself to SOMETHING good. Whether you go shopping or just get yourself a coffee out or make yourself a nice dinner. Anything you'd count as treating yourself, it counts.
Do One Thing You've Been Putting OffWe all have things we've wanted to do and just haven't been doing it for whatever reason. Do that thing. Step out of your comfort zone and DO IT.

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